Odette van der molen - Comedian

Odette van der Molen successfully graduated the Theater Academy, Maastricht in 1992. A solid foundation on which she subsequently worked as an actress, presenter, creator and comedian. She wrote and starred in satirical sketches for Dutch national television, acted in several children’s shows and presented a show for Dutch national television. Odette also made (and still makes) custom comedy, commissioned for corporate events and other special occasions.

And what is she doing now? 

Her heart lies most with laughter and Odette has increasingly focused on Standup Comedy. She has been successful for quite some time with her Standup Comedy act and is frequently featured in comedy clubs all iver the Netherlands. In 2019 she won the audience prize of the Comedy Talent Award in Utrecht.
Odette would rather laugh herself to death than worry about herself. She does not take life to serious and humor is a tool for her to discuss difficult matters. But above all, she knows that humour creates a bond. Odette seeks a connection with the audience and shamelessly exploits it with her infectious and disarming energy. With a lot of self-mockery and hilarious parodies, she makes fun of the generation gap and immerses you in a warm bath of fantasy and nonsense. That is just what she loves to do.

Odette also creates tailor-made comedy for corporate events and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, celebrations, fairs, etc. In consultation with the client, a customized show can be created for any occasion.  

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